All women dream of having long healthy hair. They love having long tresses and braids, but regular use of chemicals and treatment results in increasing damaged hair problems. Here are some simple tips for your damaged hair problems which help you to set you on the right track for having a lovely lock in this summer. These tips will help you every time when you feel your hairs are losing their lovely touch or can be used as an emergency plan.

Use Less Heat: 

I know most of the girls are in a habit of straightens, ironing, curling, hot rolling their precious hairs, but it is the most important tips and suggestion to give your hair a break they need. Try starting out with not using an appliance for a week, then try to increase this time period to a little of 2 weeks. I know it’s hard to comprehend but try to pick up a date when no one bothers about your hair looks or who sees you without your perfect hair and enjoy your hair in the natural state. It will help your damaged hair to repair in a better way.



Moisturizing your hair is the best way to repair your damaged hair. After reducing the amount of heat make sure to repair your hair with the right kind of moisturizer. I’m not saying that you have to do it with mayonnaise, eggs and olive oil if you don’t want to do it either. Those methods are popular but a little messy and inconvenient and excess of rinsing may affect your hair too. Here the tips, shampoo your hair as normal and use a heavy moisturizer which suites you well. This helps your hair to coat evenly and allows you to efficiently moisturize without soaking it in oil. Try using argan oil moisturizing conditioner, let it sit for 30 minutes or so. Do this three times a week if possible, you will see the results.

Shampoo Less: 

I used to shampoo my hair each day, but finally, I got realized how much damage I was doing to my hair in doing so. Now I don’t wash my hair until and unless I’ve been gone outside in a crowded area or feeling sweaty under the heat. Try to skip your shampoo on off days and just moisturize your hair and let it dry naturally. In the end, you not only see your hair are shinier than before but also longer than before.

Using the right brush:

If you are using a brush with bristles that tear your hair will not only worsen your stressed tresses but also damage your hair in a greater manner. Prefer using a brush that has small rubber balls on the end of the brush bristles. Also, try using detangle comb which can be available at your drugstore or any beauty supply stores which are specially designed to prevent hair loss and damage.

Personal care

Try Coconut Oil: 

This oil is extremely versatile health and beauty product. Coconut oil helps your hair to reduce protein loss and keep them healthy.  Coconut oil doesn’t soak too much on your hair because of its unique fat in the oil. Simply pour and rub a good amount of oil on your palm and apply it on your hair form end to the hair roots. It also helps in providing good shiny looks to your hair with repairing damaged hair. Try using it on a regular basis and it will also reduce your cost of purchasing hair serum.

Use fewer Market products: 

For starter try not to use any time of styling gels, hairspray or mousse, hair wax, etc. if you want to keep your hair away from damage. The only product if you want to use should be moisturizer or heat protection spray. The use of chemical products will not only damage your hair but increases the hair fall and make your hair lose their nourishment. Try to be as simple and never estimate yourself.

Eat Healthy: 

Diet plays an important role in one’s life and in this case, improper diet balance will ruin your hair. Our body needs an ample amount of nutrients and proteins to heal and stay healthy. Our hair is made up of proteins that keep them strong, long, and shiny. So, make sure to include proper protein diets each time you eat. 

Skin care

Along with this I also recommend washing your gorgeous hair at night before sleeping so that it has time to condition your style and withstand your heat treatments in the morning. This will not only give your hair a break they deserve from continuous damage but also help in moisturizer to set for a longer duration.

Hair is the precious part of one’s beauty and protecting it from damage and other issues are our concern. So, make sure to protect it to the very end. 

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