Everyone knows that intaking junk food is not good for once’s health. And when you are talking about making these junk foods as a primary intake of hunger then its say goodbye to your health. Your eating habit may cause acne as well. How? Because not all food has equal carbs and some junk food may lead to acne and pimple and even affects your skin.

Acne is a problem which not only teenagers have to suffer but nowadays everyone is struggling with it.  When we speak about junk food and acne, there are many misunderstandings. Since a lot of teenagers want pizza, chocolate, burgers, French fries, etc. as even if you don’t believe it these junk foods not only affect your health and cause breakouts. But also has a direct connection between acne and skin problems. However, the connection between a food high in milk products, sugar, processed foods, and acne should also be considered.


Acne, skin, and other health problems can decrease your confidence level. You will become helpless when you cannot understand what the cause of such could be. A proper and balanced diet always plays an important role and contribute more to your health. Even thou each skin problem is different and various person to person. 

Over the years vada pav, samosas, doughnuts, pizzas, burgers, rolls, wraps, french fries, etc have penetrated not only to every corner of the urban city but also to rural areas.

Fast food stalls are not only present in or near malls, restaurants, or roadside. You may be able to find a few near your own house, colleges, or offices. 

But why do we call them “Junk”, even thou they are so delicious. It is because of the effect this food does to your health which is terrible.

Here is some awful truth about eating junk food and its effect on your health.

1. Alarmingly all of us know about the fact of high sugar contains and fat presents in these junk foods like burgers, chips, soda, etc.

More or less only 10 to 20% of people are less aware of the fact that these junk foods also have harmful effects on the human brains in a very bad way.

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2. Even thou most of us know about the dreadful truth of junk food. But they don’t mind where their food comes from more or less if it tastes good. Hence we have seen many restaurants displaying signs of bacteria over drinking water dispensers, a person feeding Pani poori without any safety gloves, etc. 

3. But, what people don’t know is fibril fizz is commonly found in excrement is rebelling enough to make the healthiest person unhealthy and even take their life.

You may be wondering a low amount with a particular form of bacteria in a drink won’t kill you right. But know this, it takes to drop by drop to fill a pitcher.

4. Do you ever feel or noticed the urge of drinking water even thou you just drank some cola or soda water? Here’s why: It is because many manufacturers add artificial sweetening for giving the beverage a sweet taste.

Many fast-food makers add some fizzy drinks with high fructose corn syrup which is highly processed material that performs as a sugar substitute.

5. You have watched many ads stating “Sunday ho ya Monday roz khao aande”. Since egg-based breakfast or fast food is a good choice to start your day even if they have high cholesterol. But daily consumption of these leads to health risks, such as nutritional deficiencies and constipation.

It is even unsuitable for people with certain medical conditions like diabetes, eating disorders, cholesterol hyper-responders, and people without a gallbladder related issue.

6. Every morning most people wants bread for having sandwiches that contain a chemical called azodicarbonamide. It is a substance that is used to create yoga mats. But this may sometimes lead to being problematic, especially when we are talking about acne-causing foods. The main culprit is gluten which not only gives small damage to your health but also increases body system inflammation. 

7. Burger may not be a burger without a big thick slice of cheese. Research has shown that chemicals and fat are the content of processed cheese in fast food.

8. Fast food posters such as burgers and delicious pizzas are never real. You know this already, but you might be unaware of the attempts made by fast-food corporations to make their food appear mouth-watering and that’s the reason my friend you go for having these junk foods.

9. It is very important to point out which should be considered while eating junk / fast foods. Junk food is responsible for increasing the risk of developing acne.

10. You never know but junk food may be the reason behind your fatigue as well. Although junk food and fast food makes you feel full and satisfied. Don’t forget they lack all the necessary nutrients like proteins and carbohydrates to keep your body energized and healthy.

11. You may feel chronically fatigued if you eat junk food every time you are carving with hunger.

It can lower your energy levels to the extent that you will not be able to even perform day-to-day work no less will be difficult to do other things.

12. There are many hormonal changes in teenagers that make them susceptible to mood swings and changes in behavior. An important factor in maintaining this hormonal balance is to have a healthy diet.

Owing to the lack of these vital nutrients in fast food, teenagers are 58 percent more likely to suffer from depression. So, next time if your girlfriend has mood swings, then don’t blame the menstruation cycle for it, junk food may be the real culprit. 

More Facts about junk food.

Many who have an addiction to unhealthy fast food may have digestive problems like gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD) and irritable bowel syndromes (IBS) digestive problems.

It’s because the same oil is been used again and again and food is generally deep-fried. The fast-food oil is then placed in the stomach that induces acidity making your stomach irritable. Because it is too spicy and it also lacks fibers which are important for proper digestion.

The concentration of refined sugar is high in junk food that increases your metabolism under stress. As a result, to avoid a dramatic increase in the blood sugar levels, refined sugar allows the pancreas to secrete more insulin.

Since, fast foods lack in carbohydrates and proteins, blood sugar levels unexpectedly drop after you eat. This makes you feel irritable and further increases your craving for more junk food.

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A study published in the Brain, Behaviour, and Immunity shows that one week of eating junk food is sufficient to cause impairment of memory in rats.

Recent studies have shown that trans fats from junk foods appear to replace healthier fats in the brain and interfere with their natural signalling mechanisms.

Animal experiments show that due to the feeding of fats from fast food to animals, their ability to learn new skills greatly suffered and slow down.

As you know human beings are also social animals. So, these effects may arise at a certain point to us also.

Junks food increases cholesterol and triglyceride, the main risk factors giving rise to many heart disease problems. Additionally, fast food trans fats which is been building up in your body over time to make you obese with it. As a result, the greater the weight, the greater your risk of a heart attack.

Since fast foods contain high quantities of finely processed salt that increases salivation and secretion of enzymes that enhance your craving for hunger, and that why you never say no to fries and chips.

High levels of bad fats and salt sodium increase blood pressure and affect the function of the kidney. Thus, resulting in its malfunctioning.

It can also damage your liver as well. High levels of trans fats found in several, junk food can cause the deposition of fats in the liver. It can cause liver dysfunction.

Junk food can cause you 2 types of diabetes. Your body has an ongoing supply of glucose to help preserve insulin sensitivity when you eat a healthy diet.

However, when you only eat junk food. Your body ‘s ability to use insulin properly is affected by excessive stress on your metabolism. Get ready to increases your risk of cancer.

Research shown by The European Cancer Prevention Journal, states that consuming too many fast foods high in sugar and fat. It can increase your chances of colorectal cancer.

Another study conducted by the Fred Hutchinson Research Center for Cancer, Seattle. It has shown a greater chance of developing prostate cancer in men who ate fried food twice a month.

In order to prevent the intake of more junk food, we must create a diet pattern that may have a healthier effect on both the skin and on our health.

Alarmingly we are unable to follow all healthy foods related to reducing acne, nor eat what other foods which are rich in nutrients and beneficial for our health.

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