Natural beauty Is something that seems a bit elusive. Taking care of skin is everyone’s out a most important part of their routine. We are living in a society where we compare ourselves with how beautiful and dazzling you look. Hence, we think natural beauty is something which even a bit difficult to achieve. But there are many tips using which helps you to achieve your natural beauty.

Eliminate tired Puffy Eyes with Chilled Tea Bags

The skin around your eyes is softer, thinner & more sensitive to heat. Harmful environment, toxic gases, lack of sleep, hormonal changes, and allergies often make our eyes puffy.

Getting rid of this problem is very easy. You just need a chilled tea bags. Tea has anti-oxidants, caffeine, and tannins in green, black, and chamomile teas. It helps us to reduce irritation and soothe our skin at a faster rate. The anti-inflammatory properties in teas reduce fluid retention and promote blood circulation around our eyes. Teabags makes it look fresher and more renewed.

Use Raspberries and Coconut Oil for Brighter Lips

Most of the girls and women dreamt of having a rose petal-like lips but a series of medical factors and living a lifestyle which includes smoking, dehydration, allergic reaction, or direct exposure to sun leads to dull and darker lips. There are various methods available through which one can achieve their brighter lips. It includes medical treatment but there are costlier and not all can afford them. You can use raspberries or coconut oil through which you can get a natural brighter lip.

Raspberries are rich in vitamin E and hence have antioxidant properties that help to repair damaged skin and nourish them. Coconut oil is the best moisturizer that melts on your skin as soon as you apply. It oozes directly into your skin pores. Combining them will give you a boost in brightening your lips deeply and thoroughly.

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Get A Natural Face Lift with Simple Yoga Poses

Yoga and meditation are the best way to keep your health and body in good shape. Doing inverted yoga poses will boost your oxygen-rich blood circulation from the body to the brain. That ultimately helps you to give extra lift and vitality to your face and skin.

Yoga not only helps you to relax but it also elevates your moods. But also, balances your hormones helping you to achieve a firmer, smoother looking skin. But if you have any medical limitations try to consult your doctor before moving forwards on your own.

Get Soft, Kissable Skin With A Natural Pomegranate, Raspberry, and Sweet Almond Oil Blend

Our skin cells already contain some natural oils that help you to stay hydrated. But sometimes due to aging, sun exposure, chemicals, and medicines damages your skin and isn’t able to retain its moisture. So, if you want to avoid using some other chemical to regain your lost beauty or don’t want to round around your doctors. Then, you can try some home remedies to gain and repair your damaged skin.

Pomegranate oil has anti-aging properties and have a high amount of vitamin C and helps in the production of collagen, Almond oil is mild, antioxidant and hypo-allergenic and has vitamin E that makes it great for sensitive skin and helps your skin to regenerate faster. Raspberry seed oil is very rich in ellagic acid and vitamin E which also have an anti-aging effect. When these three are combined it makes an incredible moisturizer that helps your skin to soften and heal at an alarming rate.

Hydrating Dry your Skin with Coconut Water

Everyone hates his/her dry skin and feels irritated towards it sometimes it may lead to itchy patches or burning. It generally occurs due to a lack of moisture which leaves dehydrated skin.

Using soaps, lotions, makeup or detergents contains harmful chemicals that make our skin dry. Environmental factors like cold weather, low humidity air, long hot showers, or prolonged water exposure lead to dry skin.
Coconut water is rich in nutrients and act as an anti-inflammatory and have anti-oxidants, detoxifier, and anti-microbial overall it is the best beauty tips for a healthy moisturized skin. So, next time before doing anything unusual have a glass of fresh unsweetened coconut water or a day or add a meal and ready for a surprise.

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Remove Dead Skin And Revitalize Your Face with An Organic Papaya Mask

Our skin shreds millions of dead skin cells every day. But when these skin cells got stuck and lead to the appearance of blackheads, whiteheads or pimples. Using exfoliant is a great way to remove dead skin cells and revitalize your face. But it also includes abrasive ingredients that scratch our skins and fasten the signs of aging. The solution to this problem is as simple as it is. Papaya contains natural enzyme papain and Pineapple have bromelain. Combining these two will create a natural exfoliate which helps you to lift dry skin cell and diminishes blackheads, whiteheads or pimple leaving you with a soft, smooth and healthy skin

Using Shea butter to Hydrate and Nourish your Lips

Your lips are the most beautiful thing on your face. It attracts most of the people at first glance. Lips are soft, delicate, and sensitive part of your body. That’s why kissing feels SO GOOD. Right!!.

And that’s why you have to take special care of them. Sudden change in temperature or atmosphere makes your lips dry, chapped, cracked, or even split. You can compare the delicacy of your lips through, your cheeks which have more than 16 layers of the skin whereas your lips have 4 to 5 layers only. That’s why the thinnest skin found in your body part on lips.
As a result, your lips sometimes prone to flaking or peeling, because they can’t maintain the moisture and protection as other parts of your other body.

Hence, many prefer to apply lip balm as they help to maintain the moisture of your lips. But there’s a catch, many traditional lip balms contain petrolatum, mineral oil, and hormone-disrupting oxybenzone that only further worsen your problem.

So, what to use for nourishing your lips. Here’s a solution- try to use a lip balm made from nourishing natural ingredients such as shea butter or cocoa butter and coconut oil.

Shea butter contains fat which is extracted from the nuts of the shea tree. It has a high concentration of vitamins and fatty acids. Another importance of shea butter is, its easiness to spread consistency and that makes it good for smoothing, soothing, and conditioning your lips. And as you know, coconut oil is the best natural skin moisturizer that melts on your lips as soon as you apply it.

Using Green Tea as Toner to Brighten Up Your Dead And Dull Skin

Days are gone by when we were using soap to wash our faces. Nowadays, the use of face wash becomes essential for the natural cleansing of your skin. But even after doing so your skin becomes dull, unhealthy, and lost its moisturizer, then it’s time for a change.


Benefits of toner

Applying a toner after the face wash is a good option to remove dead skin cells, along with dust and dirt, oiliness which may get left even after washing your face.

A good toner will not only help you to minimize the pores appearing on your skin but also maintain the pH level of your skin further reducing bacterial growth and brighten up your skin.

But now the question arises, to select a suitable toner. As in the market, there are many brands available and many of them use synthetic ingredients, phthalates for fragrance, and parabens as preservatives. The toners available for oily skin also contain salicylic acid and benzyl alcohol which are neurotoxins and increases skin irritation

So, there is always a natural way available for every product. As our mother nature has already provided us with what we need. It’s just a matter of facts & knowledge you have, to use the natural ingredients. And for your dull skin problem- Green tea is a solution.

Benefits of Green tea

Drinking Green Tea is great for your overall health. But it is suitable to brighten, cleaned & hydrating your skin when used as a toner on your face.
Green tea contains tannins (a yellowish or brownish bitter-tasting organic substance present in some galls, barks, and other plant tissues, consisting of derivatives of gallic acid) an essential biomolecule that bind with amino acids in your body.

Tannins have natural-based astringent compounds, which as a toner help your skin to improve your appearance. It also helps to shrink your skin pores, which reduces the chance of clogging of dust, dirt, or oil. Green tea also helps to regulate your skin’s sebum production. In general, most of the toner products remove access to oil from your skin which causes inflammation. But green tea attacks the root cause by minimizing oil production in your skin cells.

By soaking 2-4 green tea bags for 5 minutes in boiling water and allowing them to cool to room temperature, you can make your own natural toner. Then apply directly onto your face with cotton pads or use it through spray bottle to sprinkles on your face for clearer skin.

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