Thinking to have an open relationship with your partner Or just curious what an open relationship actually means?

To order to decide whether an open relationship is the best option for you. It is important to consider not just what an open relationship means but also the various pros and cons of this form of communication.

An open relationship is one in which two individuals aren’t restricted to each other in an existing relationship.

In other words, Both parties are freely permitted to have other sexual and romantic partners in the relationship or can have them.

And while non-monogamy is a basic aspect, there are various forms of open relationships, Such as those in which you and your partner interact with other people in physical and/or sexual relationships, or only one of you does.


Is it exactly the same as polyamory or cheating?

“Polyamory is the practice or desire to have a romantic and/or intimate relationship with more than one person at a time, with the consent of all concerned.”

So no, polyamory isn’t exactly the same. Although, Love and intimate relationships are expressly allowed in polyamory with more than one individual. This isn’t generally the case in open relations.

Typically, people in open relationships don’t feel like their present relationship arrangement (aka nonmonogamy) is a deeply ingrained element of who they are.

Those who have open relationships accept that having sex or emotional relationships with others is appropriate. Therefore, while cheating is considered immoral. Open relationships are by definition ethical – if done correctly.

Is open relationship right for you –

Generally speaking, people enter into open relationships because they believe it will offer more joy, happiness, affection, fulfillment, orgasms, anticipation, or some combination of those. These points will help you to explore whether an open relationship is right for you.

Start by figuring out why you are monogamous and what this means to you. What messages were you getting growing up about monogamy?

You and your partner both love to give and agree that you should love more than one person at one time.

Discuss if you are interested in an open relationship, or why. Is it because you have developed sentiments for someone else and want to act on them?

Is it because you or your partner have a lot of needs that would be better served by more than one person?

You want to explore your sexuality or sexual intercourse with someone of another gender. You and your friend have a case of malfunctioning sex drives.

One partner is asexual and not interested in sex, and the other would want to have it. One partner has a special fantasy they want to explore in which the other has no interest.

Watching (or hearing about) your spouse having sex with someone else turns you on, or vice ver

How do you persuade your partner to have an open relationship?


You don’t try to “convince” your partner to be in an open relationship. Begin with a statement about “I” and then lead to a question, for example:

“I am thinking about other relationships. And I think I would like to do it. Will you be open to a conversation about opening up our relationship?”

“I thought about having sex with other people. I think I might want to explore that. Would you ever consider that relationship to be open?”

“I am looking for others. You will also do the same. Would you ever like to invite a third party into the bedroom”

“My sex drive gets weaker. I have been thinking about we should change our relationship. So you can get some of your sexual needs and desire elsewhere. Do you think we should be concerned about this?”

At the end of the day, if only one person in a pre-existing relationship wishes to open up the relationship, you may need to break up.

Pros of an Open Relationship

If you are considering having an open relationship, it is important to bear in mind the various positive aspects of this kind of link.

You shouldn’t be monogamous

Being in an open marriage is a terrific option for people that don’t believe in monogamy, who have failed to do so in the past, and/or simply don’t want to be monogamous.

But still want a meaningful and long-lasting connection to another. They ‘re able to mix the best experience by choosing to have an open partnership.

You are truthful regarding your activities of romance

Some other attractive feature of this kind of relationship is that it allows you and your partner the opportunity to meet others.

In a way that is grounded on mutual respect, Open dialogue, and total honesty.

While you still have genuine emotions for your companion, you can satisfy different needs with different individuals as well as being totally truthful and open to each other.

You ‘re not going to face from Loneliness –

A further enticing part of an open relationship is basically the stimulation, excitement, and sense of fun it can offer.

For example, if your companion can’t meet all of your needs and/or your intimacy levels have continued to grow.

The open relationship allows you to pursue other opportunities while remaining to have the strong connection that you’ve built with each other.

Cons of a Close Relationship

It’s also important to consider the disadvantages of this kind of relationship to decide whether an open relationship is a right option for you and your partner.


People will become Jealous

Although an open relationship is built on honesty, sincerity, and respect. So not developing feelings of jealousy can still be hard for you.

In fact, this is not surprising for those in an open relationship to feel somewhat fearful or frightened by the various individuals. That may be following their partners.

Although jealous feelings can definitely create in a monogamous commitment, simply because of their nature, they are likely to be more evident in an open relationship.

That’s not a magic fix for a relationship that struggles

Several other individuals choose an open relationship in the desperate hope it will save a failed relationship. But this is the wrong strategy because it is possible that opening up a weak relationship would ruin it.

In fact, if you’d like to have little chance of being successful in an open relationship, there should be a strong and reliable base. If not, opening up your relationship certainly brings you one step closer to breaking up.

You can sometimes believe physically and emotionally sensitive

There are many occasions when you may think your physical and/or mental health and safety are at risk for anyone in an open relationship.

For example, Although you depend on your spouse to make good decisions and be fit and active. There is a residual possibility that he or she might develop intense feelings for others, causing you to feel emotionally insecure and harmed.

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