Having a long time commitment might be difficult for many people. People see many obstacles in their married life and they sometimes were not able to find the right solution for the problem. There is not a perfect answer to happy marriage life. Every couple finds out their unique way to deal with their problem. We have figured out some small suggestions for you that you can apply in your daily lifestyle and maintains the happiness in your life.

Try double date-

When couples are in long term relationships, then sometimes, they stopped looking good for each other. Researches show that the more your dressed up and try new fashion the more you like to get intimate. A double date is one of the best reasons to dress up for your partner. It will strengthen your bond and help you to increase it over time. It will help you to spend more quality time with your partner. This is also an opportunity to build trust between them.

Talk about each other-

Couples always try to change their partner when it comes to nature or habits. They often look at their weakness and forget to focus on their strengths. We often forget that people are different from each other and everyone has to deal with some disadvantages. The partner should focus upon each other strengths and try to improve them. Talking about each other will improve a mental and emotional bond with each other. This will help you to fulfill the empty space in each other life.

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Celebrate together-

Celebrating the little things together can also improve your marriage life. You should not wait for any important occasion, even little things matter a lot. For example – If your partner had some achievement, then plan something special for them. They will be very happy after seeing your efforts. You do not have to plan something big even little efforts like baking something will make them feel special.

Get some alone time-

You should go on a romantic trip and spend some time alone without the interruption of others. Switch off your mobile phone and use them if it is very necessary. This will help you to add some romance and spark to your life. For example, If you both are the adventurous kind of person then go on hiking. The main motive is to have some personal time together. It will help you to re-live your special moments and also prevent you from unnecessary distractions. You can also go for a night out if you have some tight schedule.

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Work out-

The workout has several benefits like it will boost your immune system and provides you good health. It is a great way of increasing your bonding and it will also help you in getting good curvature. You can help each other while doing the workouts. If you both like different workout activities, then you can split into the gym. Being together will boost your confidence and help you to perform well in the gym.

Try new positions–

You should always think something different when it comes to sex. You can try different positions in your bedroom to make your sex life even more interesting. New positions make your partner explore more of you and make them know what can easily turn you on. You can also use props and do role play to keep your sex life alive. You can also switch the look of your bedroom on a timely basis that will help you to feel excited and bring new & positive energy in your life.


Cuddling has many emotional benefits. It helps to Increases bonding among couples and makes your relationship even stronger. It helps people to easily communicate their emotions. Apart from having emotional benefits cuddling also has some health benefits like it boosts your immune system, lower your blood pressure, releases stress, and helps in having some relief in pain. So next time after coming from work do not forget to give a welcoming hug to your partner.

Saying thank you is also important-

We forget to say thank you for the small things. Everyone needs the words of encouragement and appreciation in their life, your partner is also one of them. It is not important to say thank you by words you can also say it by your actions such a sweet kiss on your partner’s forehead is also a very sweet way to say thanks. Saying a small thank you will make them feel happy. It looks like a small thing but it can have a good impact in your life. If you appreciate your partner every single day, then they will understand their importance in your life. It will also encourage them to do more little things for you that make you happy.

Get some break from technology-

Nowadays we can not imagine our life without technology. People spend most of the time using mobile phones and laptops. This is making us get away from our loved ones. You should not use your mobile phone while spending time with your partner or in the bedroom. You should leave laptops, cell phones, and headphones somewhere else, and there should be nothing between your partner and you.

Try to be their best friends-

While playing the role of the partners, couples often forget to do the silly things that they were doing in the past. Sometimes it became easier to be in the role of the partner and perform all the required duties. But, sometimes partners also want to enjoy and have some sort of fun in their life. The partner can easily show their childish nature in front of you if you act as their best friends. It also gets easy for your partner to share things easily with you.

Cooking Together-

Cooking together can sometimes be fun. You can spend a great time together. You do not have to be perfect in preparing a meal. A little bit of help can also make your partner feel special and they will think you like to spend time with them. You can help them by passing them some vegetables, spices, spread some sauce, or get your hands dirty with some pizza dough. You can also help your partner in the kitchen when guests are there in your home. It will become easier for your partner to go to the all work easily without any difficulty.

Sex is not everything-

Many couples think that the key to a happy relationship is having a good sex life. Sex is an important factor to maintain the spark in the relationship. If you have only focused on getting intimate, then you should have to keep things a little bit slow. You should spend some time together and have some precious moments together. You can also try foreplay or have some dirty talks with each other

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Technology plays an important role in our life, but we can also make your marriage life special with the help of that. You should do some romantic texting just like the old day. It will help you feel love once again in the same old ways. You can give some special night hints to your partner and make them more curious to know about your plans. You can also text your partner in their lunch break and tell them that you missed them or send them a surprise message.

Wear something Special-

Wearing something special can help you in improving your sex appeal. You should try sexy lingerie when you are planning to get intimate with your partner. It gives a surprise to your partner and they will fall in love with you once again. Be sure to try those clothes that give you clever partiality and make your partner more of you. For example, You can wear a seductive dress to surprise your partner.

Give small gifts-

After being in a long term relationship, we often forget to give small gifts to our partner. You should not wait for any special occasion to give a gift. There is always a perfect time to make your partner happy. A small gift from your side makes your partner special and bring a smile on your face. This will make your partner realize that they played a very important role in your life. You can choose gifts like perfume, keyring, cardholder, socks jocky gift card or order some special dish, etc.

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