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Living life to its fullest and living a healthy lifestyle is what everyone desires. But it is hard to get moreover very hard to achieve. A person’s health and wellness state the ways he/she is enjoying his/her life. Food is the basic need of all. Everyone works to have a nutritious and healthy meal once a day. But some people can’t suppress their urge of eating in a small interval due to their appetite. But this is not only because of some hormonal changes, it may because of some other factors like stress eating, eating insufficient portions of the meal, improper diet, eating at odd hours, etc.

Desire to eat food is known as appetite, sometimes it is due to hunger or sometimes is hormonal changes that make you eat I mean to eat a lot. This sometimes results in making people fat. Some foods are so much appealing in looks that you can’t resist yourself from eating them even if you are not hungry. Hunger exists in all life forms and it serves in regulating one’s metabolic needs to maintain adequate energy intake.

When it’s come to losing bodyweight controlling your hunger is the toughest task. This may even lead some people to intense workouts and a restricted diet. But if a person is unable to manage binge eating, then I’m sorry to say, but they will not get what they desire nor getting a perfect shape. Controlled eating is essential when someone is trying to shed their body weight. There are many blogs, articles, post stating different types of food items which can help to suppress once’s appetite. But some certain stretching exercises, yoga, or workout may also help you in controlling your appetite. Performing workout not only increases the flexibility of your muscles, but it also helps you from stress eating.

So, to keep your appetite under control food like supplements, or other natural ways help you to stop feeling hungry all the time.

These natural ways are-

1. Water

Drinking water, literally, drinking a lot of water will help you to curb your appetite. Everyone should have to drink at least 20 liters a day to maintain healthy metabolism in your body. But don’t try to kill your appetite with it or before having a nutritious meal. Drinking water helps you to stay away from junk food and unhealthy snacks. Additionally, drinking some amount of water before a meal will help you to digest your food easily and you will feel much fuller, satisfied, and get less hungry afterward.


Drinking water does not mean having chilled water. Nor adding ice cubes to your glass of water just because you have heard cold water helps you lose weight because it’s not. It is said that when you drink cold water, the body uses extra energy to reduce the water temperature. But that’s only 8 calories that your body burns, which isn’t helpful. Try to drink Luke warm water before a  meal and after 1 hour of the meal.

2. Dark Chocolate

When you desire to eat some sweets and eating fruits or sweet snacks is not an option then go for dark chocolate. Drinking chocolate milk or other candies, the intensity of dark chocolate will tell you when you must stop. Try eating dark chocolate, which has more than 70% cacao. Even though it’s hard for one to eat more than a few blocks, but eating this will not only help you in controlling your sugar level but also helps you to reduce your hunger for irregular appetite.

3. More Caffeine

Drinking black tea or coffee helps you to suppress your hunger. But it is not necessarily the same for everyone. As some may experience bigger hunger pangs after they take coffee or tea. So, try taking records of this yourself after intaking black tea or coffee to know which kind of effects you are getting.

4. Manage your stress level

Most of the time people tend to eat more often when they are under stress. And that is one of the important reasons to manage your anxiety and stress. Eating during stress commonly occur because such people tend to lose much more energy in being under stress and hence body starts asking for energy through food or appetite. So, if you want to curb your appetite, then you must curb your stress level.

Some people even get an anxiety attack because of stress and they often see or rather live a moment for a second time. Doctors call this situation is being in the zone. This may be beneficial for some, but not for all. As some sports players try to be in the zone under stress to give their 100 percent during the match. Although eating in comfort is different from eating under stress or sadness. To reduce your stress level, take proper and regular sleep, engage in social and society, spend your time relaxing and thinking nothing.

5. Taking more protein and fats

Every fruits and vegetable have a different protein and fat composition. Hence, not all food can satisfy one’s hunger. Eating enough carbohydrates, protein and certain fats are essentials for keeping your belly full for a longer period. So, try to change your diet from reducing little carbohydrates with proteins and specific fats. This will help you to keep track of your appetite. To control your appetite, try to consume eggs, lean meat, beans and peas, soy products, Greek yogurt in your diet.

6. Ginger

Taking or adding a small amount of ginger in your diet either in powder form or raw helps to control appetite as well. Ginger helps to reduce appetite and make your belly hunger to its fullest if you have a balanced diet. This is generally because of a stimulating effect on the digestive system of the body. So, try to add ginger in your food routine.

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7. Yoga and workout

Yoga and workout is the most essential and easy way to achieve internal peace with yourself and body, mind, and soul. Though it is not as easy as it seems. A person must be punctual in the workout or yoga as they take time. But the results are mind-blowing.  Performing the right exercise or yoga will not only helps you to reduce your stress level but also helps to curb your appetite. Try it out on your own for once and see the result. Try to perform and add cycling, bowling, running, pushups, squads, exercises, jogging to your daily routine. The result will make your mouth wide open.

Stretching even also helps to divert your mind from food. Helping you to separate your stimulus from the desire of eating junk and unhealthy food items. Stretching also helps you to connect with your body in a better way.

Here’s are some workout to try it out-


This exercise improves your abdominal awareness and improves your physical sensation of famine and fulfillment. It further strengthens the arms and legs.

Spinal Twist

This exercise helps to relieve tension and stop you from eating too much. It also helps to flood the vital organs with blood.

ABS Exercise

ABS exercise helps you to strengthen your core and abdominal and muscle.

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Warrior 2

For your legs and chest Warrior, 2 is an excellent position. This improves the blood circulation in the body and increases the level of concentration.

Cobra Pose

This position contributes to strengthening the central body and aligning the backbone with the nervous system.

Food is one of the first basic Physiological needs for humans other than air, water, warmth, sleep. But most of us are not able to fulfill these needs daily. Everyone works hard to fulfill their dreams, but most people work hard so that they can have bread and butter once a day. It’s a harsh truth of our society. Not all classes of people have an equal chance to grow and earn. This has to change. And such changes start from you itself. If you have a strong determination not to waste any food, eating only when it’s necessary, eating as per need nor as per wants and desire. Then some people because it may get a sum of portion what you have not brought or thrown it away.

These 7 ways are the best you got to reduce your appetite level without doing any harsh dieting or becoming a patient of malnutrition lol. These are some of the best natural ways for one to reduce their appetite and hunger level. Try it out for once and if you get some results try to write us back and yes, please do share with others and live a healthy lifestyle. Peace!!

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