Pixie cut

This year summer is so hot and people are afraid of going out. Thus the latest hair trends are recommending short “pixie haircut”. Maintaining hair in the summer season is quite a task for women, especially if they are long and fuzzy. This versatile hairstyling is also appropriate for any kind of face and you can articulate the correct shape of the head by combining hair length, highlight the cheekbones, and enhance the eyes. This will enhance the beauty of your face.

The pixie cut is layered, trimmed haircut with optional thinning ends joining each other. This cutting also ensures that the hair can be quickly dried and we have the luxury of treatment. Because of this not even the wind can spoil, nor dirt grows on the scalp.

The color or combination of colors and highlights will enhance this hair cutting style. This looks good from gold to gray to black in all shades. Still if you have any doubts about Why to go with Pixie Hair cut styling? Here are some reasons which will help you to go with this Hair cut.

hair styling

1. Easy to maintain

A long hair must always be well combed and styled before going out, and this sometimes takes some time. Short hair is practical and is meant for working and busy women and because of frequent hair styling, it has more important things in mind. Main pros with a pixie, you wake up and are ready for hair. Pixie cut does not take time in styling. You can use no blow-dry cream into your damp hair and you are good to go. You can blow dry your hair within a few minutes that will help you in saving a lot of time. Firm hold gel or paste will also make your hair look bold and instantly gives graphic finish.

2. Style Free, Feel Free

Long hair can be a strain on the head and shoulders, whereas short hair can give you a sense of spontaneity and independence. Although, there are many hair healing conditioning treatments and masks that are really effective. But, some damages are too excessive to get healed. A pixie cut is a great way to have fresh & healthy hair, and prevent your hair from breakage and falling off. You remove a lot of damaged hair with the “big cut” and the new growth becomes easier to monitor during the rest of the process. It will provide you good control over your hair and cut off all the damaged hair with good shape and style.

3. Style your hair with your finger.

You still get caught in long hair and have to clean all day long. It is not the case for short hair since the fingers will quickly move through the hair and let them disintegrate. It is perfect for working women and you do not have to fix your hair again and again. This hairstyle will give you a stylish look according to current fashion.

4. Less shampoo and Conditioning.

Perhaps it sounds funny, but it will surprise you to save shampoo and conditioner every month. The use of shampoos is small and treatment creams or oils are no longer required for this hairstyle. This hairstyle will be friendly to your pockets. With minimal care, you are going to get extremely good results.

5. Self-Expression.

There’s no cookie-cutter about a short haircut. It rarely happens, when you walk into a room and see many other women with pixie cuts. Other Pros of pixie cut are the availability of many options for customizing your pixie cut—such as the length of your bangs, embellishing your hair with bold or metallic or pastel hair color, creating an asymmetric shape, etc. A pixie cut allows you to make a strong statement and self-expression with your hairstyle—or not!

6. Right Pixie Hairstyle as per Face Shape

Since a Pixie cut frames your face, the best form for your characteristics is essential. For example, if your face is round, you should add some volume to the top and a few splashing parts to the end of your face in order to reduce the roundness. If your face is square, the angles are balanced by some fine bits around your jaw. Additionally, Oblong facial forms look better with a flatter crown and long bangs, which minimize the face length. With any pixie cut design, the oval face shapes look good!

7. Less Damaged Hair

Many effective and healing treatments and masks are available, but the damage is sometimes too extreme to be reversed. A pixie haircut is a trendy way to get fresh and healthy with your hair. You are in control! And you are in control! Be proactive instead of waiting until your hair falls or ruptures! Cut the damaged lengths off and form and profile flattering.

8. Lighten up Your Hair.

If platinum blonde- or pre-lighting of your hair is a way of life for yourself to achieve the perfect pale pink or rose gold, you put a great deal of stress on your hair. Also, Often lightening can deteriorate the integrity of your hair and it always gets worse at the ends of the older hair. A pixie cut solves the problem – the frequent trimmings needed for maintenance are also eliminated.


9. Be More Relaxer

Year after year accepting your natural texture is one relaxing process. Most women find it easier to handle when they cut as much hair as possible. Additionally, You extract many damaged hair with the “big cut” and the new growth becomes smoother for the rest of the process. Although, This allows you to take your time worrying less on your hair and more towards enjoying your life or work.

Looking For a Right Pixie Haircut? Here Are Pixie Cut Ideas to Consider!

1. Emerald Green Pixie Cut

Short haircuts give you the freedom to experiment with any rainbow colour, because your short hair tends to be healthier than long, damaged locks. Celebrate all things with that creative color and loose waves, fresh and green. Commit to daily use of a system of color treatment that leaves colors vibrant looking like fresh ones.

2. Feathered Pixie Cut

Softly feathered bangs offer significant styling versatility to this pixie style. For a cute, gamine look direct the bangs forward. For edgier vibe push them back. Use a styling wax or paste to control bangs, and create hair separation.

3. Reverse Ombré Pixie Cut

Ombré hair color involves color that begins dark at the top and gradually becomes lighter at the bottom. Also, Reverse ombré flips the combination, with lighter hair color on the longer, top sections of the pixie cut, and darker color underneath. This type of shade makes touch-ups a breeze—your stylist simply needs to retouch the new growth on the top and the job’s done!

Hair cut

4. Pixie Makeover

Ombré hair color requires color that starts dark at the top and gradually becomes lighter at the bottom. Reverse ombré flips the combination, with lighter hair color on the longer, top sections of the pixie cut and darker color underneath. Moreover, That shade makes it easy for your stylist to reverse the new growth on the top and the work is done! That shadow will not deter you. This will give a nice change in your personality and lifestyle.

5. Shattered Pixie Cut

Waved bangs and long top and second sections provide an unlimited range of haircuts for a pixie. In addition, The hair can be styled forwards, sideways, or backward and every choice gives a brand new look. This pixie haircut is squarely on the trend in cool beige blonde hair color. Using a body to lift textured dry shampoo.

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